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The Future of Laundry: How Technology is Sure To Change the Industry

For decades, laundry day remained a constant chore, a necessary evil that stole precious time and often left us frustrated. Then came the laundry software, which is now in its most popular height, and is becoming a necessity.

Why Investing in a Laundromat is a Smart Move in India

The concept of laundromats, or self-service laundry facilities, might still feel relatively novel in many parts of India. However, the landscape is rapidly changing . Increasing urbanization, a busy working population…..

Whirlpools of Change: The Rising Future of the Indian Laundry Market

India, the land of vibrant colors and bustling metropolises, is experiencing a metamorphosis. Its economic engine purrs louder, attracting global attention and reshaping numerous industries…

From Suds to Software: How Technology is Revolutionizing India's Laundry Landscape

The image of laundry in India often conjures up scenes of busy dhobis (traditional laundrymen) hunched over vats of soapy water, hand-washing clothes under the has moved from manual labor to tech-powered convenience.

The Laundromat Concept’s Role in Powering Laundry Startups

According to a report by Research and Markets, the Indian laundry service industry reached a value of USD 35.83 billion and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 4.96% from 2020 to 2026. [sourced from : ToI, Research and Markets].

Get New Customers For Your Laundry!

In today’s market, gaining new customers is very important for the success of any laundry business. Growing your customer list does not necessarily mean putting in a lot of money – usually, all that is required is a few simple activities that are carried out regularly, as a matter of habit!

Starting A New Laundry Chain – With Examples

Today most software and apps are available in English language. But in a country like India where so many diverse languages are spoken, businesses can ill-afford to design their software and apps only in English language. Instead they need to opt for multi-language software or app that helps them in catering…
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Starting A New Laundry? Here’s how a laundry software helps

Starting a laundry business can be a great way to be your own boss and provide a valuable service to your community. However, it can also be a lot of work, especially if you are new to the business. That’s where laundry management software can come in. Here are some ways a laundry management software can help a laundry startup…

Multi-store software: a Perfect Solution for Expanding your Laundry Business

If you’ve serious plan to open multiple laundry stores at different locations and expand your business then this blog post deserves every bit of your attention. As is evident from the title, this blog post will discuss about how multi-store software can help in expanding your multi-store franchise business….
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Why your laundry business needs multi-language software & app?

Many business owners including laundry owners often wonder whether it is better to print their bills and other materials on receipt print or A4 size print. Both have different purposes and unique benefits. In this blog post, we will go in great length to find their unique benefits and how they can be better utilized…

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A4 print size or Receipt print size: Which is a better option for your Business

Many business owners including laundry owners often wonder whether it is better to print their bills and other materials on receipt print or A4 size print. Both have different purposes and unique benefits. In this blog post, we will go in great length to find their unique benefits and how they can be better utilized…

Why Laundry Management Software is important for Laundry Business?

Today literally ever business, irrespective of whether it belongs to B2B or B2C, has to embrace digitization and automation. Doing so not only helps in simplifying several complex activities but also in keeping business ahead of the competition. This ultimately leads to greater efficiency, attract more customers and eventually helps…

Five reasons why your Laundry Business needs a Website

In today’s age when internet has become so widespread, having a website for your business can prove to be more than useful. However, the laundry industry probably may not share this opinion, probably because it is a highly unorganized and fragmented industry. But things are slowly changing as laundry business owners are realizing the great benefits of having a website. This realization has especially…

How Whatsapp Integration can boost your laundry Business?

Today Whatsapp is undeniably the most popular instant messaging app in the world with over 2 Bn monthly active users across the globe. However, over the years Whatsapp has grown beyond a personal messaging app and become an important business tool for companies across the world. Companies have been more open in integrating Whatsapp into its business especially…

Importance of Tag Printing in Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Business

Tag printing assumes huge importance especially for those laundry and dry-cleaning businesses that witnesses huge volumes of cloths on daily basis. But what really is tag printing and why does it have a special importance in the laundry industry. Although there are alternatives to tag printing like bar code and QR code scanning, in this blog we’ll be only talking about tag printing….

How Rider app can help in the growth of your Laundry Business?

This blog is a must read for those who are seriously planning to automate their laundry business. Any plan to automate your laundry business cannot be complete without having a full-fledge and fully operational rider app or rider application. It is important to note that rider app is different and separate from the customer app.Rider app is only meant for riders and delivery boys…
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Why every Laundry Business needs a Customer app?

Today almost all service-oriented businesses use dedicated mobile application to connect with their customers and secure more business for them. The laundry business, which caters to one of the core activities carried out in almost all household, is no exception. While it is true that today scores of laundry stores are using customer apps to get more business, there are many who don’t use apps.In fact, the number of such stores…
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