Marketing and lead generation

Is your Laundry business struggling to get customer leads. If the answer is ‘yes’ then get ready to onboard yourself on Swash Laundry’s marketing and lead generation solution. Our solution is just the thing your business needs to put it on the growth path.

Create a website:

Get a website for your laundry business today. In today’s digital age, having a website is probably the best way to give your product a brand recognition in the crowded market. We have a team of website designers that can design the best looking website in a matter of few days.

Digital Marketing Solution:

Once your website is created, our team will provide a topnotch digital marketing solution and ensure that your website becomes the best marketing channel for your business. As a result your business will get scores of customer leads and will witness a rapid growth.

Directory and marketplace submission:

Apart from digital marketing solution, we will work round the clock to ensure your business details are submitted and remain updated at all top directories and online marketplaces

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