A Complete Laundry Billing Software

Swash Laundry offers the most comprehensive billing solution for your laundry business. From generating GST Invoice, sending payment reminder to tracking customer payment history, Swash laundry software fulfils all your billing requirements with just few clicks.

Get paid on time:

Are you fed up with delayed payments. No worries. Swash Laundry’s payment reminder feature ensures that you no longer have to wait for payments. Now you can send payment reminders on the due date and receive customer payment instantly.

Easy Billing:

Generate and send bills to customers in the most hassle-free way. All it takes is just few clicks and you’re done. With our easy to use billing solution, your laundry business will get new wings to fly.

View Payment History:

With only few clicks, you get a complete information about customer’s payment history and get a bird eye view about your customer loyalty.

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